I have a huge heart for all things furry.  Even when I see a giant lion or polar bear I just want to go up and snuggle with them…obviously I don’t BUT I just love all creatures, big or small.  I have wanted to volunteer in some capacity with animals for many years but hesitated because I consider myself  hypersensitive when it comes to certain animal conditions.  I become extremely emotional just knowing how many animals are in shelters locked in a cage just because they were surrendered by their owner, removed from a home due to abuse/neglect, or they are homeless.  I was like many other animal lovers and just decided to give back through monetary donations.   My life changed when I started volunteering for a local shelter taking pictures of the animals that needing adopting to give them a nice picture for the web.  This particular shelter is always full and they work in a never ending cycle trying to adopt pets, find animals foster homes or to a rescue organization to give animals a chance and free up space to take more animals in.  My heart broke when I realized how many of the dogs don’t  get walked daily  just because they do not have enough volunteers.  Many shelters are very dependent on volunteers for help due to lack of funding.  Despite these circumstances and battles this shelter is up again, staff and volunteers are working around the clock to make these animals be as comfortable as they can.



In 2012  I was accepted as a Service Professional through HeARTs Speak (  HeARTs Speak is a global network of animal photographers, artists, authors, graphic designers, and advocates who believe in the power of collaboration.  They are an organization committed to making a positive and lasting impact in the community.  The mission of HeARTs Speak is to connect animal artists to animal rescues/shelters to improve adoptability and ultimately, to reduce the number of animals killed each year.   If you know of an organization that can benefit from my services, please have them contact me at:  |  913-302-3360

Part of my mission in volunteering is to be an advocate for animals.  Shelter animals have as much capacity to be amazing animals just like the ones you buy from breeders.  Many of these animals have not had wonderful lives but with a little bit of training and love they have proven to be wonderful family pets.  My goal is to SAVE as many animals as I can and we can start by adopting and spaying/neutering our animals.

I currently volunteer for Kansas City Pet Project in Kansas City, MO ( and Midwest Animal ResQ in Mission, KS (  Kansas City Pet Project is always looking for volunteers in any capacity you are able.  If you have an hour to spare to walk around and give treats to the dogs, walk dogs, play with cats, foster an animal, or help with pet adoption events please contact the shelter at 816-513-9821!  Midwest Animal ResQ relies heavily on foster homes.  If you are interested in fostering or adopting through MARQ, please contact Erin Morse at 310-350-2053.

Click here to see what animals are currently available for adoption through the Kansas City Pet Project:

Click here to see what animals are currently available for adoption through Midwest Animal ResQ: