Photography has been a part of my life since high school.  I loved taking and being in pictures with my friends.  I remember dropping off the rolls of film and couldn't wait to frame them around my room or archive them in a photo album.

When my nephew was born in 2002, my passion for photography heightened. I wanted to document his chubby cheeks, the cheetos all over his face, and the way he looked at the world.  

I bought my first 'real' camera and quickly outgrew it and a few more along the way.  My newphew eventually grew tired of having the camera in his face so I found other subjects and this journey had led me to where I am today.

I have always been more interested in capturing everyday moments and genuine emotions of people and this is reflected in how I photograph my clients.  I will always prefer laughter instead of a cheesy smile.  I will always prefer to leave the disney band-aid on the scabbed knee instead of photoshopping it out.  I will always prefer the image of you gazing at your dog as he wags his tail and kisses your face despite how 'fat' you feel. Time goes REALLY fast so choose to live in the moment and I would love to capture it for you!  

What makes my heart smile...

My cat sleeping on my desk and the dog at my feet while I work | A handwritten note | Spending time with my family | Mountains | A hike up a mountain | Zip Fizz in the morning | Watching the snow fall | Summer storms | Cheesy Hallmark movies (don't judge!) | Playing board games with my family | Random acts of kindness | Real Life Escape Rooms (most addicting and fun activity ever!) | Vacation

The Process

Get to know you The most important part of my process is getting to know you. The more I know about my clients results in better photographs!
Experience I strive to give you the best experience possible. I want you to feel comfortable and have fun!
Your story I am passionate about getting to know people and help them tell their story through photographs. I firmly believe in capturing personalities and moments!